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The Israel Resource Center offers several signature teen programs that introduce high school students to Israel’s rich history, diverse society & culture, technology & innovation, and global contributions. 


Our programs are distinct in that they not only focus on engaging High School teens of all faiths, but also customize the content and experience to the participants' specific areas of interest -- ensuring that they connect with Israel on a personal level. 


The IRC organizes a group of teens & advisors to compete in the Technhnion's Rube Goldberg Machine Challenge.  See details here:


High School teens who wish to learn about Israel, will work independently to conduct their research about a topic of their choosing. 

  • Each student will be assigned a mentor from the IRC to help narrow down and focus in on an area of interest and then find and select appropriate reading sources.

  • Each student's progress is monitored and evaluated by a teacher from their school. 

  • Students present their findings in a formal manner and receive high school credit. 

When available, The IRC, in partnership with the Israeli consulate, helps connect students with Israeli professionals, athletes, and artists, based on their chosen area of interest as a way of increasing their knowledge beyond the screen and books, and developing a first-hand understanding of Israeli life and culture. 


High School teens are invited to participate in our student internship program, which provides an opportunity to work with the IRC on various projects as well as with our social media campaigns, to gain hands-on experience, leadership and organizational skills that will serve them throughout their lives. 

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