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for the full and speedy recovery of our beloved 

Rebbitzen Nechie Kilimnick

Congregation Beth Sholom

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Why do we recite Psalms/Tehillim?

The book of Psalms/Tehillim contains 150 psalms and are the most famous religious poems ever written. Authorship is attributed to King David (10th century B.C.E.), but some of the psalms are post-David's reign.  The psalms vary greatly in length. The Book of Psalms is the backbone of the Hebrew prayerbook.  The two main themes that run through the psalms are: 

  - The happiness of those who believe in Gd and praise Gd 

  - Gd's openness to all those who need help 

Jews for many hundreds of years have regarded the recitation of psalms as one of the most effective ways of beseeching Gd's mercy and therefore recite them on behalf of ill people or when there are serious crises in the world and dangers threatening the Jewish community. 

In our weekly group, we recite the entire book because of the gravity of Nechie's medical situation. We are beseeching Gd to heal her.  Our recitation is done quietly and can be said in Hebrew or English.  Nechie would often recite Tehillim for many people in need on a daily basis.  She embraced the psalms and often spoke about them. 

Written by: Karen Dobkowski

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